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Friday, December 05, 2014


Why do I hate Interstellar -- besides the fact that Matthew McConaughey makes my skin crawl ?  (All the male actors these days are pastel shadows of the twentieth century giants of Hollywood.  Another aspect of the same problem).  I’ll tell you why, in more detail than you would find comfortable.

Interstellar is a paean to the managerial incompetence that has become an industrial standard across the modern world.

Background.  The selective assassination of the Kennedys, MLK, MalcomX and uncounted progressive leaders worldwide at the hands of Communist and Capitalist Cold War psychopaths (practically interchangeable), was followed by that demento Ronald Reagan and his institutionalization of homelessness in the richest country in human history, and terminally worsened by 9/11 and the feeding frenzy of institutional stupidity ever since.  One political party has taken institutional stupidity to the level of genius; another, the Independents, can’t decide whether that is always good policy or not; the third gets paid royally to look the other way.  There can be no more stupid people than panic-mongered stupid people.

Regardless of the field of endeavor or professional credentials, it has become professional suicide to advocate or practice competent, wise or even honest management.  Everyone in power today is by definition and peer-constraint corrupt, incompetent, dumbed-down, know-nothing, and morally compromised.  Not only that, but they’re PROUD of the uniformity of their shit.  No other alternative is permitted, and no other alternative is portrayed across the corporate media.  Good management has become taboo.  And you love that message, because, aw, it’s got Dad and daughter feel-good moments, culminated by the ultimate parental abandonment.  Wake up!

Interstellar should have been called Stellar-to-Black Hole – where is the local sun shining so cinematically over all these exotic planets, in all the over-elaborate but kindergarten explanations and diagrams? Interstellar is actually a succession of unacknowledged, privilege-rewarded managerial and scientific face-plants.

An Indian drone (Native American?  South Asian?  Equally absurd and off-topic alternatives) inspects Mid-Western corn crops?  Why?  Don’t they have better things to waste their money on?  There is no Marine Corps any longer?  And that doesn’t rate another line of explanation?  How?  That would have made a LOT more interesting movie.

The science luminary’s calculations are based on his failure (undetected by the rest of the academic world) and his lies about it.  NASA cannot keep track of its best astronaut who lives fifty miles down the road.  That astronaut becomes a farmer: a high-prestige job he hates.  Reports back from the first wave of explorers are so poorly analyzed that a continuous loop message lasting less than five minutes is mistaken for years of consecutive transmissions.  Explorers cannot be dispatched alone for months and years on end because healthy human beings are obligate social animals wired to go crazy under such stresses.  Mythomaniac clichés about heroics and cowardice are as irrelevant in this instance as everything else in this movie.  Both plan A & B consign the entire world population to a slow and painful death; only a privileged elite may benefit (as usual).  Our collective ass is pulled out of this self-managed bonfire of the vanities by some disembodied , future tense deus ex machina because no-one in real-time could problem-solve their way out of a wet paper bag.  Much like the modern version of The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Self-worshiping management incompetence all around.

All this crap is accepted as normal, promoted as acceptable, praised as customary.  In truth, none of it is any of those things.  That includes this basically empty movie hyped to the sky by the same overpaid, analytically challenged and cosmically-self-satisfied bunch of mediocrity junkies.

Got it, now?


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