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Monday, February 23, 2015

2012 for real?

Has anyone taken a serious look at the potential for continental subsidence and oceanic flooding on a scale similar to that prophesied by Edgar Cayce and fantasized in the movie 2012?

The triggering combination, pragmatically speaking, each accelerating on its own and synergistic with the others:

  • Climate change-induced, mass "permanent" ice melt on land; redistribution of that mass away from prior, high-altitude/latitude caches
  • Aquifer depletion
  • Oil/Gas deposit depletion
  • Fraking
  • Widespread desiccation of lands relatively well-watered in the past
  • Greater flooding of well-watered regions, including Bengali-style submergence
  • Accelerating bursts of exotic earthquakes both low and high Richter scale (What is going on between the earthquake cluster on the Oregon/Nevada border and that offshore Northern California?)
Are these activities and phenomena not combining to exponentially increase the likelihood of massive seismic chaos events?

I am also interested in mass deposits of water or hydrous-equivalent chemicals suspended in deep-Earth magma. Could these serve as mega-volcanic “accelerants” and be the source of historic oceanic top-offs and transient planetary flooding, once a certain portion of them emerged from the Earth?


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