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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The tyranny of conscience

The tyranny of conscience

Taught to each of us in turn

The well being of justice better served

Learned and taught in sequence by

Ephebe protectors and childhood victims.

On automatic pilot in human majorities

The common fire of our kind.

The sweetest constraint since

The most appreciated.

In volcanic reply

To psychopath threats.

Media amplified

The rest marginalized in comparison.

Our dicks swing out there in the wind

Our wife and kids safe and tight.

No need for many books and laws

Everyone understands ahead of time.

Will it please God?

Else slippery slope to psychopath tyranny?

Grant us antediluvian millions of years

We mere primates à la AK47.

Most psychopaths grosso modo appeased

Most often silent in council.

Mustn’t they tame themselves,

To never again turn hornet unwisely?

Is it from vision-corrected empathy?

To get a clearer picture through each pair of eyes?

Or could empathy just come drifting into view,

As from the clearing lift of a pea soup fog?

Not because we are any more empathic

But because the empathy fog has cleared?

Civilizing us once and for all

Home to both the earth and its children.

Gentling the land into Eden

The heavens our flea market.

A bobbing dinghy thumps the homeward hull

Brought brother fisherman back to see his mum.

Everyone carries the straight bearing of freedom

Walks tall and talks straight talk.

It rings out everywhere at once

This imperative of conscience.

This nascent conscience

Barely awake now.

Of spontaneous wakening

And tectonic uplift, once invoked.

Phantom Druid power

Jesus' sermon on the mount.

What more need I recommend to you

The solitary dictation of Our Father.

Fill in your moral blank

That it take on your body and soul.

Devote your body and soul to it

The survival of the kids depends upon it.

Of conscience


conscience tyranny

Repeat after me.

Weak and broken anywhere

Learners could fix.

Are we once again ready

Have we never been?

I run out of words in service to

My tyranny of conscience.


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