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HOW we achieve it.
WHAT we should expect once we get there.

Friday, December 08, 2006


May the following adjectives be applied to every similar proposal in the future, that it may die abirthing; and to its slimeball advocates, so as to discredit them on the spot. May those same advocates be dispatched to do what they do best: like selling used cars “As is, no warranty.”

Rumsfeldian: adj. 1. Pertaining to a massive, aggressive and transformative project or nested series of projects based on questionable motives, leaky logic and a tissue of lies. 2. Pertaining to a magic fix in search of an imaginary problem, of apocalyptic consequence, tricky execution and perilous outcome. 3. Ruinously expensive: a cost vacuum that will suck in every resource, available or otherwise, and demand ever more, even beyond bankruptcy. 4. Of no possible benefit outside Fantasyland or Mafiaville. 5. Morally objectionable and pragmatically unconvincing at first glance by anyone without a self-serving interest in it, and growing less realistic and moral with time. 6. That grinds to powder any honest critic. 7. Which prohibits the likelihood of valid alternatives in the future. 8. Pertaining to a dead-end, plan-B destroyer; rammed through to its futile and counter-productive trailing-off (it can have no valid ‘conclusion’.) 8. Undertaken despite the warnings of disinterested experts and alarmed laymen alike, long before, during its inception and swelling in volume through its maturity. 9. To the peril, ruin and shattered morale of everyone involved at ground level, and destroying the reputation of every official who buys into it. See rumsfeldianism, n. and
Rumsfeld, Donald, p.n.

Bushian: adj. Rumsfeldian, but with much less intelligence and based on appeals to base emotions like fear, herd instinct and greed.

Cheneyan: adj. Rumsfeldian, but with even less conscience and more bloody-mindedness.

Rovian: adj. Cheneyan, but from ambush behind the scenes and in a back-stabbing manner.

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