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Monday, July 20, 2015

Islam and moral conscience

As usual, Islam offers less confusion, compared to Judaism and Christianity, in separating the requirements and the ultimate validity of weapons mentality versus peace mentality.

Islam offers the House of Peace on the one hand, and on the other, the House of War.  If you require additional clarification as to the nature of these two and their differences, then I give up on ever touching your innermost soul.  Either you understand and there is no need to clarify, or you will never and there is no use for it.

On the one hand, there is the Umma, the community of those who agree to submit in peace to the will of Allah.  On the other, there is the Caliphate, the psychopath-inspired, weapons interpretation of that submission, at perpetual war with everyone it cannot kill or subdue militarily.

There is no such segregation in Judaism or Christianity, neither of which makes any distinction between those who would submit to their natural conscience and those who have none of it within their minds to submit to.

Psychopaths will fight until everyone, themselves included, is dead.  Nuclear and or bio/nanotech annihilation is their technological masterpiece.  Those driven by conscience would not fight against anyone short of ultimate self-defense, for which degradation they will pay in triplicate to their conscience of good and ill.  Psychopaths have no such conscience to torment them if they commit evil.

Every tyranny, jihad, war and revolution has been suggested, carried out by and lost to psychopaths.  Written history is merely the long narration of their self-justification and trivialization of the dictates of conscience (“bleeding hearts”).  Current governments -- disgusting liars, hypocrites and bloody murderers all -- are their ultimate masterworks.

World Peace is merely a question of substituting their tyranny with that of normal human conscience, effortless on our part.  World peace would much less expensive, morally compromised and difficult to enforce than the current, psychopath-inspired perpetual world war.  The rule of conscience would be much more profitable, sustainable, morally acceptable and stable than the psychopath variety on current display. 

Which would you choose of your own accord?  Wake up!

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