WHY we haven't achieved world peace.
HOW we achieve it.
WHAT we should expect once we get there.

Monday, January 15, 2007

I love Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was not killed because he advocated for Black America. He was not killed because he advocated for minority rights in America. The powers that be had already established that they were amenable to those things; the interests of American elites and those of its minorities were tied together and mutually dependent. Insofar MLK advocated for those things, he was their pioneer spokesperson and their best publicist. The result of his efforts in that line of thought is the America we now see: an America where any person of good standing and character can achieve his or her goals regardless of skin color or ethnic origin. There are still many injustices and errors to rectify, of course, but these are relatively minor technicalities compared to the brilliance of his achievement. You are reading this text because you are not out on the streets arguing these issues in battle maneuvers; you don’t have to do so because Dr. King achieved your primary goals peacefully.

Martin Luther King was killed because he advocated for non-violence and World Peace. He was killed because he advocated for the brotherhood of all humankind on Earth. The powers that be were repelled and panicked by those things; the interests of American elites and those of World Peace were antithetical and mutually contradictory. Insofar MLK advocated those things, he was a raving revolutionary and their worst possible menace. The results of his effort in this respect were his murder and another fifty years of rejection of his most prized belief; thus, a world where no one is secure in the knowledge that his or her children will not be incinerated this very afternoon in some global holocaust, or sent off quietly to soldier for some obscene end and kill the children of other people. There is no progress; on the contrary, we are getting closer and closer to the global chaos he warned us against, with no relief in sight. You are reading this text because Dr. King failed at this primary goal at this moment in time; you do so because you live in an intellectual vacuum otherwise.

To those of you out there who revere Dr. King on this his birthday, rejoice momentarily in the triumph of his aspiration that American minorities be treated with equal respect and welcome. Then despair in the catastrophic rejection of his vision of World Peace. Work for that, now. No other task is fitting enough reverence for his memory. In addition, the technical errors you perceive in the treatment of American and world minorities will disappear once the scourge of World War is removed. The one results from the other. World-dominating elites were short-sighted enough to believe they could resolve the former problem without addressing the latter; are you? Dr. King was far-sighted enough to see this would never be the case; are you?




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