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Friday, December 25, 2009

Left in the Dark

Graham Gwynn and Tony Wright, Left in the Dark, Kaleidos Press, 2008. www.leftinthedark.org.uk.

From its inception, some seventy million years ago, humanity had enjoyed a diet of jungle fruit easily digestible and rich in flavenoids. This optimal diet inhibited the production of steroids and MAOs in the human body, stimulated its pineal gland activity, and induced a physiological feedback loop that further inhibited steroid activity, lengthened the prepubescent growth period (the more advanced the species, the longer its prepubescent growth) and tripled the volume of the human brain in an extremely short time from an evolutionary point of view. During this period, humanity’s thought processes were increasingly based on two co-equal brain hemispheres operating in parallel and balanced sanity.

Unfortunately, from 200,000 to 12,000 years ago, humanity was forced to adapt to much less hospitable environments. Something induced the catastrophic constriction of the human gene line to five or six female survivors. Thanks to its overgrown brain capacity, humanity survived this transition from a diet of lush arboreal fruit, to the savanna equivalent of tubers and seeds, then post-glacial animal flesh. These distorting diets induced a cumulative and total deterioration of our intellectual capacity, without any corresponding physiological evolution. We remained exactly the same species, just ate different foods.

This nutritional alteration increased the influence of testosterone in human bodies (both male and female), which reversed our prior advantages by inducing a cascade of mental retardation that stressed the human sleep cycle, shut down the human brain’s right hemisphere in favor of the left (linear thinking and short-term memory over holistic thought and long-term processing), and founded human behavior on restrictive fear instead of holistic understanding.

According to this book’s conclusions, we are the mentally crippled survivors of this transition from a physiologically optimal diet of arboreal fruit, to less and less advantageous ones (terminating in the absolutely worthless junk food of today), which induced a spiraling decay in our values and behavior. The ancient legend of humanity’s fall from grace is actually a nutritional one, of fall from optimal brain food to more and more detrimental ones and consequent behavioral aberration. About which we have had not a clue, up ‘til now. The still, small voice we hear so rarely (and too often mistake for the voice of God), is the entombed one of our right brain.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Think this through, first.

I find myself forced to note that, everywhere on Earth, representative democracy is in freefall and the voice of the people, crushed by the profit-seeking of elites, more or less brutally according to geographical circumstance, but without obstruction or organized dispute, and more and more formally.

Social problems have become so extensive and intractable (like just before the French Revolution) that national-capitalists have established without dispute a global corporate monarchy (Long live King Cola!): the only one, according to them, able to overcome its problems if not ignore them until they disappear in accordance with the tattered logic of their reactionary enchantment (they have nothing more to depend upon). Even though it only manages to worsen those problems, in every country and every instance – until they explode simultaneously and everywhere, unavoidably.

We are just waiting for an alterglobal revolution to revisit all this, when the peoples on Earth will agree in concert that they are fed up with their respective gerontocracies, interchangeable not in wisdom or age, but in their obsolete technologies and hallucinatory self-satisfaction: this event entirely unforeseen but within the means of the worldwide web and its World Agora tropism for sociopolitical decentralization, universal welcome and demilitarization.

Let us hope that this spontaneous Laocracy will establish itself through perestroika and not Terror, and that the unavoidable counter-revolution will be just as peaceful but much less sovereign. If not, beware the ensuing chaos: blood will run in the streets of a world in flames, as has never been seen before.

I beg you to think this through more thoroughly, beforehand.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Universal Health Care NOW!

Give us universal single payer health care (like any civilized country has) or give us your political seat!


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