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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Corporatism is mere reheated Monarchism -- resist it the same way!

The political mess we face here in the United States, is a rehash of the worldwide anti-monarchial revolution that has taken place, on and off, for the last three centuries.

On one side, the People, composed, by definition, of equal human beings who share certain rights and obligations, but most especially, their mortality and, I guess, hope and goodwill for the children and their future. On the other, some self-aggrandizing social network with much stronger guns and propaganda, virtually immortal and indifferent to the future of the People, compared to its raw voracity for cash money in the short term.

The quarrel between People Power and Organized (Crime) Tyranny is merely being re-rehashed under a different guise. Stupid Greed versus humanity. The reptilian mind versus the mammalian. The Nazis versus the rest of us (regardless of your qualms with the use of that term).

And if you don’t think this is a Left/Right thing, it is because you, as a typical American, have never seen, read or heard from a real American Leftist in all your life. Thanks to Gestapo-like tactics and systematic media strangulation extending through the last century, America can boast of a large, bilateral Party of Constitutional Conservative Centrists (whining hand-wringers and corporate lackeys all, while they sell the family farm away to) a Right, a far Right and a nut-job element panting for the Apocalypse and/or a Thousand Year Reich swathed in Red, White and Blue – but no organized Left whatsoever.

What the U.S. really needs is a well disciplined and popular (you will be surprised, how popular) political Party. Call it Progressive, Communist, what you will. It will demand the hostile government takeover of the banksters, selling off their profitable appendages and casting adrift the rest; the nationalization of the petroleum/coal/nuke cartel and allocation of its profit to greener alternatives; and the mobilization of the entire workforce into a strike machine that would paralyze the country if its demands were not met. We would be free to make this Party’s demands as extravagant as we wished; there would be no need to limit them to suit “moderates” and compromise with right-wing gangsters.

If the U.S. had a self-disciplined Left organized along the same lines every other industrialized country but this one has, then American Centrist sheep bleats for universal health care, consumer protection, clean elections, infrastructure reconstruction and job creation would suddenly become quite sensible, middle-of-the-road compromises. They would stop being dismissed by the collective fascists as ravings of the “Loony Left” and quashed at every turn.

Martin Luther King succeeded in transforming American racism (until its fanatics murdered him) because much angrier, more violent blacks stood in the background, ready to take over if his demands were not met. Essentially, King’s message was: “Accept my message of peaceful co-existence and equity, or embrace theirs of violent revolution.” American Progressives have failed to heed this example. Rather than promoting a Party that would make the most extreme demands, then settling the compromises; they have started out by humbly begging for the compromise solutions, and finished by watching them be brushed aside in favor of maintaining status quo abuses.

I suspect that most Americans, even those that dare call themselves Progressives despite their total failure for generations, are much more comfortable being ruled by a pack of lying, thieving reactionaries, than by any alternative group from the Left. They would rather all their fondest hopes failed forever, than risk being ruled by anyone but corporate crooks. They therefore deserve whatever fascist abuse they refuse to scour clean, once and for all.

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